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“Slams” – Islamic neighbourhoods in Capetown

Researching Arabic Afrikaans, the first orthography to represent the Afrikaans language and came across the term slams, a slang for Islamic neighbourhoods of Cape Town in the 1860s. From what I understand, Read more [...]...
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It was a treat to come back to Jami Mosque for #Jami50 on December 28th, 2019. I knew it was happening that day and I thought I had put it into my calendar, but when I checked on the day of, nothing was Read more [...]...
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Another Somali youth shot dead in Toronto

In less than a day, a shocked community raises $15,000 for slain Scarborough man’s funeral Just crazy. The picture of the Somali boy shot, is of a handsome bright boy, but now no longer. I do not Read more [...]...
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