Month: September 2014

Are you going to do Qurbani?

"What's good bro?" "Not much you?" "Surviving. [smile] So I was thinking about Eid again. You know Eid is coming up right?" "Yeah on the 4th." [check computer for calendar] "Yeah the 4th or 5th." "When Read more [...]...
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Mosque in Russia

"How do you say mosque in Russian?" "Hmm I don't know...oh wait. Mechet' (мечеть)." "Have you seen them around?" "Of course." "Really?" "Russia has a lot of Muslims. I used to live in Kazakhstan." "Really?" "Yes Read more [...]...
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Scottish man meets the ideal wife

"Are you Albanian?" "No no. I'm Scottish." "Oh so you converted?" "Yes." "But there wasn't much material around at that time." "I've been a Muslim since the 50s, it wasn't so much about the material. Read more [...]...
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