Month: April 2017

Addicted to it

1. Bro it's rampant. 2. Yeah? 1. Oh yeah. Everyone is doing it. 2. Muslim? 1. Muslim, non-Muslim... It's so easy to access. 2. That's why I got a filter. I feel it takes away my power. There's so much Read more [...]...
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Another Somali youth shot dead in Toronto

In less than a day, a shocked community raises $15,000 for slain Scarborough man’s funeral Just crazy. The picture of the Somali boy shot, is of a handsome bright boy, but now no longer. I do not Read more [...]...
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It’s “Mus-lim”

1. Yeah, so I was talking about this Muzlim... 2. Uhh Professor, it's Muslim. 1. Hmm? 2. The word. 1. Ahan. 2. It's actually Muslim. There is no 'z' in Muslim. 1. Oh. How am I saying it? 2. Read more [...]...
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