Allah Hu Akbar and the Window guy

1: I’m not going to do this room.
2: How come?
1: My friend, if you want to waste your money, waste it on a security system, not on tempered glass.
[2 looks at 1 in silence and is taken aback by 1’s bluntness.]
1: Okay. Where else do we need to go?
2: The basement.
[Sitting down after the entire window inspection.]
1: Do you want a door too?
2: Uhh, yes. 3 point.
1: Okay. Colour of the sill?
[2 and 3 both look at each other.]
1: I suggest you go with a contrast. Black.
[2 and 3 both look at each other and 1 writes down the details.]
2: Uhm, okay.
1: Good.
2: Uhh, you sure you don’t want a drink?
1: I’m good. I just woke up and had breakfast. Besides, the drink that I might want, you don’t have. [grin.]
[2 laughs.]
1: I’m Russian, so…
2: Oh Russian. From Dagestan?
1: Common. [Laugh]. I’m a Moscow boy. See how white I am? That doesn’t exist in Dagestan.
2: Oh Moscow. Nice.
1: The place you’re talking about is similar to your culture.
2: Muslims?
1: Yes.
2: But even in Moscow, I heard there are lots of Muslims.
1: Most definitely. Russia is open to all religions.
2: You sure? Even in Chechnya?
1: Why not. Kadyrov and Putin are friends.
2: You mean like the Prime Minister?
1: Yeah. He used to be a rebel, but not now. He realized it wasn’t working.
2: Oh. So all these Muslims speak Russian too?
1: Of course. They know their own languages, but they speak Russian.
2: Even Khabib eh?
1: What do you think he was speaking to Putin in? Dagestani? No man. Russian!
2: So the Muslims have a relationship with the Russians. [smile.]
1: Of course. Who do you think Putin is sending to Crimea? There’s a special regiment of Muslims from Chechnya.
2: Serious? Brave eh?
1: Man, when these guys say Allah hu Akbar, we know they mean business.