Month: June 2016

You say Allah??

1. You say Allah?? 2. Sure. 1. So you say Mashallah? 2. Yes what's wrong with that? 1. But you're Christian. 2. So? What's bad about Mashallah? 1. So in Egypt, do you say Assalamualaikum? 2. Yes some Read more [...]...
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Ramadan, you have come back!

Ramadan, you have come back! I love you friend Because you change who I am I want to spend my entire days with you That I do not work much in other ways 10 10 10 You are The Friend I cannot live up to Read more [...]...
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[Saw his name tag] 1. Umar (like OO-Mar) 2. Yes. 1. OO-Mar. [smile] 1. Got to say it the Arabic way....
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