Month: May 2020

The wrong question is asked in America

Q from a facebook user: Not allowed to take a knee on a football field, and people still didn’t listen. Hundreds of years of injustice. Can someone please tell me, if not now, when is it ok to riot? Read more [...]...
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Are you Indian or Muslim?

[Dog barking. Lady looks this way.]Lady: Are you Indian or Muslim?1: Indians are Muslims. [smile]2: Pakistan.Lady: Oh okay. You live here?1: No just walking.Lady: Don't mind the dog barking. He's like Read more [...]...
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Mosque Lego?

1: Is there a mosque made out of lego?2: I don't know.1: Search it up.2: You can just make it yourself.1: But you would still need specific pieces.2: You can get the pieces and just figure it out even Read more [...]...
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