Month: October 2016


[James Rizkallah flashes across the screen.] 1. James Rizkallah. Does he work here? 2. Yes he does. 1. Is he Arabic? 2. Yes he is. [At that moment, James walks by.] 2. James, this gentleman was wondering Read more [...]...
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Think like a ghorra

1. Oh, I never knew you could gift that way. 2. Yeah, give them something of worth, not always just legos and toys. 1. Yes, seriously. You could give books too. Wow. 2. Something that challenges their Read more [...]...
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You know who saved him?

1. The German's don't like anyone else but themselves. 2. Yeah? 1. Yeah. 2. Well I knew a black guy from there, he said the same thing. But it isn't Germany, Europe doesn't like anyone but themselves. Read more [...]...
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