Month: February 2020


[In a steam sauna...]1: How's the heat?2: Yeah man, it's smooth. I can handle this much.1: If it's a bit hot, I'm good with it, but I don't want to roast you know.2: Totally.1: I love the sauna man. After Read more [...]...
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Down Modi

[In a chat room]player1: down Modi. RSS badweplayer2: I m from keralaplayer1: okplayer2: not from northern side ...brotherplayer1: thank you. we are all citizens. I live in Canada. My neighbour is a Hindu Read more [...]...
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“Slams” – Islamic neighbourhoods in Capetown

Researching Arabic Afrikaans, the first orthography to represent the Afrikaans language and came across the term slams, a slang for Islamic neighbourhoods of Cape Town in the 1860s. From what I understand, Read more [...]...
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