Letter #17 to the Islamic community from a high school student after #MosqueShooting

[Reprinted with permission from TDSB teacher Mr. Sam Pisani. More info on the initial story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/letters-to-toronto-mosque-1.3959341]

To Dear: ‘To whom it may concern’

Hello I’m 17 and I’m a Christian. You know this happened on my 17th birthday, and it just shocked me how the world I live in there’s so much corruption. I believe in God and I believe that there’s a God in heaven who has the same grace towards here individuals and their families as he does towards me. You know not everyone believes in God and I learned that but the thing that I realized that he LOVES US no matter who, what, and how you are. I feel like sometimes people don’t understand why this happens. And I bless the one’s who have passed on and even the ones who don’t deserve to have that mercy. This was an unjust thing that obviously was sick but those who have suffered will be rewarded in heaven. I hope with all my heart that when I hopefully reach heaven one day that I will see them with joy and peace that this world refused to give.

sincerely, Anonymous

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