Letter #16 to the Islamic community from a high school student after #MosqueShooting

[Reprinted with permission from TDSB teacher Mr. Sam Pisani. More info on the initial story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/letters-to-toronto-mosque-1.3959341]


I am a student at a high school in Toronto and I believe in Hinduism. As you know, what is currently going in the world and unfortunately here in Canada today is very sad and dark. I wish to say that you are always welcome here. I hope that you never have to feel scared or threatened. I believe that it is every individual’s right to be able to practice their own respectful religion. It deeply concerns me to hear that such hateful and horrific acts have been committed. I would like to apologize for such hatred and i hope you understand that I am here to support and offer my condolences. I wish that you could understand that this hatred is not acceptable and that I am wholly against it.

You are safe here,
student, 16
Toronto, ON.

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