Another Somali youth shot dead in Toronto

In less than a day, a shocked community raises $15,000 for slain Scarborough man’s funeral

Just crazy. The picture of the Somali boy shot, is of a handsome bright boy, but now no longer. I do not know the circumstances but I feel for his parents. A bare mention on the news, but something of massive pain for a lifetime for his mother and father and family.

Almost $20000 as of this writing was raised for his jannazah within a day plus, which is amazing. The top contributor was someone from Alberta at $710.

I was reading a piece about race and funding and education in the States, but I feel like that conversation is something universal especially when the numbers point to racialized children not having those promised futures that the system tells us we can have. And that is, children and young people need to see options desperately…like a lot of options from the real world. It’s really a question about recognizing potential.

We do not know how human beings will react to a particular experience, but we do know that humans have interests and aptitudes and inclinations, so it’s important to show young people a multitude of real life options, and allow them to process and evaluate these practical experiences for their future.

May God have mercy on this brother. I rather wish young people as a movement spend their efforts excelling in healthy ways they see can benefit their lives (and others). Being young is not an excuse for being ignorant but so much of this is also related to planting the seeds of the future that an entire community needs to participate in. It just seems like it takes a really long time on the average for practical experiences to start taking shape for the most of us. Those practicals, would be helpful (since it leads to more ideas and connections) and useful if introduced at a much younger age. Indeed, this could lead to more harmonious societies.