Month: October 2017

I like that name

[Speaking to an American, and mentioned the following name:] 1. Aneesa 2. Oh, I really like that name. 1. Really? 2. Yeah! [Later 1 sends email, thinking how using "Islamic" might now end up being a turn Read more [...]...
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Azerbaijan, Soccer

1. Hey bro, I'm coming to soccer this week. 2. No way, cool. 1. Yeah. Something always comes up, but yeah, gonna do it! 2. Nice, soccer is cool. 1. Have you bin downtown to see soccer? 2. Oh yeah. Read more [...]...
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Volunteerism of Musa/Moses PBUH

[At juma] The volunteerism of Musa is worth mentioning. He left with nothing but the clothes on his back when he fled from the Pharoah after he was involved in an altercation. He wandered into the dessert Read more [...]...
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