Month: September 2016

I don’t care

1. What's your backround? 2. Indian. 1. Ohhh there's some tension. 2. What do you mean? 1. Between Pakistan and India. 2. Yeah.... 1. There's always tension. 2. Not really a good topic to discuss. There Read more [...]...
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Leaving Islam

[At the checkout in a store] 1. Are you Muslim? 2. Yes. 1. Convert? 2. [smile] Yes. 1. Really? 2. Yes. 1. Why? [smile, pause] 1. You have come to the dark site. [smile] Wasn't it a shock for your family? 2. Read more [...]...
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Get it in

1. Yes brother 2. Get it in. 1. Yes! Workin'! 2. Go at it like a @#$%^^ [laugh] 1. I was in Chicago and saw this Muhammad Ali exhibit. 2. Yeah. 1. One of his messages was, I'd rather suffer now and live Read more [...]...
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