Month: November 2012

Nov. 27 – Guru Nanak display in Toronto

I was in an Educational centre and I saw someone setting up a display for Guru Nanak. When I read the information, it spoke of the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Holy Book) being read continuously for a few Read more [...]...
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What does Bis Mil mean?

The older gentleman was certainly learned. "What does Bis Mil mean?" It was interesting because the man was a Sikh...yet knew some things about Islam. He could even read Urdu. I tested him when I showed Read more [...]...
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Does Allah have 99 letters in his name?

[I was asked the question by a little boy.] 1: "Does Allah have 99 letters in his name?" 2: No, he has 99 names. 1: So how many letters in his name?  Is it 99, Yes or No? 2: Good question...OK let me Read more [...]...
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