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Brother David

I remember Brother David I was a child Barely six or seven He used to volunteer at the mosque He was a convert In the early 80's I still remember his kind words And his smile Why did I like him so? It Read more [...]...
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Leaving Islam

[At the checkout in a store] 1. Are you Muslim? 2. Yes. 1. Convert? 2. [smile] Yes. 1. Really? 2. Yes. 1. Why? [smile, pause] 1. You have come to the dark site. [smile] Wasn't it a shock for your family? 2. Read more [...]...
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Queen Latifah

"The name Latifah is Arabic and it means delicate and sensitive and it was given to me when I was 8 years old by my cousin Sharonda, who's Muslim [she actually said it right!! Mus-lim NOT Muz-lim or Muz-lum] Read more [...]...
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