Month: May 2019

Beautiful Neighbours and El Corán

Have you ever had beautiful neighbours? I did for 7 years. A sweet family from Venuezvela.  It wasn't just one or two of them…they were ALL good.  They're son even knew about historical Al-Andalus Read more [...]...
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I had to look this up. Seviyan is Vermicelli in English. We have seviyan on Eid. I shared some at work.1. What is this?2. Seiyiyan (I call it Samiyan)1. Oh is it a sweet dish?2. Yeah try it!1. Read more [...]...
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Juma – When Ramadan begins

When Ramadan begins, the gates of mercy are open.The first 10 days are of mercy.The next 10 of forgiveness.Then the last 10, of redemption.Attain piety this month.Give respect to Allah, Muhammad (Peace Read more [...]...
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