Month: March 2017

You see how that narrative is framed?

Nearly three years ago, CBC News revealed the identities of Salman Ashrafi, Damian Clairmont and others who left Canada to fight with jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq. All had attended prayers at the 8th Read more [...]...
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My Father – From Pakistan to Canada – #Canada150

[Official submission for a Canada150 story in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.] Over half a century ago, in 1965, my Father came to Canada as a student from Pakistan. He was 28. He was accepted to Queen’s Read more [...]...
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Can Allah see us?

1. Can Allah see us? 2. Yes dear. 1. Where is he? 2. He is next to you. 1. But I can't see him. 2. I know, he is unseen, but he is close to you. 1. Where? [2 looks at 3 with a How do I explain this...
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