In a cold pool talking about Kartarpur

1: This your first time?
2: (smiles) Yeah.
1: For real?
2: (smile) Yeah.
1: Bro, how?
2: (smiles) I don’t know.
1: Man I couldn’t even stay 5 seconds in here, I’d run out.
2: I don’t know.
1: Yo, you from the jungle?
2: (laughs).
1: Yo no need to talk man, you got this.
2. Yeah.
1: You from around here?
2: Brampton. You?
1: Sauga.
2: Nice.
1: Yeah, the Beverly Hills of Toronto.
1: So you’re Punjabi?
2: Yeah.
1: From where?
2: Honestly, I’m not sure.
1: Common! Are you serious?
2: Yeah for real.
1: Bro, you got to know where you’re from. I was like that too before.
2: Not exactly sure of the city.
1: But like were your grandparents from East Punjab as well?
2: No, actually before the split, they were from Lahore?
1: The split? You mean Partition?
2: (smile) Yeah, yeah.
1: Lahore eh, big city. Lot’s of action. You got to go.
2: Yeah eh?
1: Yeah man.
2: Is that where you’re from?
1: Nah. From Lyallpur.
2: Oh, I think I’ve heard of that name.
1: They call it Faisalabad now.
2: Oh okay. My best friend is Pakistani.
1: Really? No tension?
2: What do you mean?
1: Religion you know. I take it your Sikh?
2: Yeah.
1: Your parents don’t say anything about that?
2: Nah. We don’t believe in that.
1: Nice.
2: Yeah.
1: So he should take you to Kartarpur.
2: Kartarpur?
1: Bro. No. Are you serious?
2: Seriously. I don’t know.
1: Kartarpur is a gurdwara right on the Pakistani border, and Indians can visit it for the day, like literally come inside Pakistan.
2: That’s really nice.
1: Yeah man.