Zionist injustice

1. Oh brother, you read this? Astagfirallah.
2. Yeah….so where you from?
1. Palestine.
2. Really?
1. Really.
2. What part?
1. Inside Israel.
2. Oh.
1. Yes but I was brought up in Jordon.
2. Oh I see…how can anyone live there, so much injustice.
1. Believe in Allah brother.
2. Yeah but you need some civility. You see how they shoot so many children dead? Walahee…
1. Brother read Surah Israh. Do you read Qur’an?
2. …
1. You have to understand. They have created mischief. And they know it. The know what the Qur’an says.
2. But who’s right? The Christians also know what will happen to the Jews but what about this world? What about the injustice. If someone kills your child, you can never erase that from your mind.
1. Believe in Allah.
2. I know but there has to be justice in this world.
1. Wait for the next world.
2. No man, I know that but you can’t get away with this murder. This is sick.
1. It’s a test brother. All of this is a test. Do you know what Allah says when he takes a child away from a parent? He makes a place for you in jannah.
2. Yeah I know but you gotta live in peace to function in peace you know?
1. I know bother, I know…
[And on and on and on…]