You see how that narrative is framed?

Nearly three years ago, CBC News revealed the identities of Salman Ashrafi, Damian Clairmont and others who left Canada to fight with jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq. All had attended prayers at the 8th and 8th mosque in downtown Calgary — whose name originates in its location at 835 8th Ave. SW. Many were killed abroad.

The imam, Navaid Aziz, told CBC News the community plans to begin anew, although it hasn’t finalized its new mosque location. There’s a sense of relief about finally leaving a place that became synonymous with radicalization, Aziz says.

They even got the imam in on this. You see how the narrative is framed? It’ll never change. The same ol’ Cowboys and Indians narrative. Did you catch it?

Since when was invading another country and bombing it into the stone ages good?

I’m just looking at BOTH sides, rather than one. So oh! A man from The West leaves to fight/defend/some reason or the other Iraq/Syria/etc. and that is BAD but destroying generations of infrastructure and people in the Middle East isn’t? Where’s the outcry? Seriously? Why is this so focused on the effect and not the cause?

Hell when you blow people apart in such vicious and unethical and unjust ways, someone will rise up against that injustice, and that could look like many forms. Such a fake and one-sided narrative is dangerous for the Western pshyche because it does not acknowledge perpetual wrong doing to inform future actions, rather when you talk only about how BAD “The Other” is, it completely whitewashes your own sins away and misleads you from not realizing the magnitude of your own actions.