Eid neighbourhood Party! – “Never heard it call Eid”

[The following was taken from facebook, 14 June 2018]

Sandra Clarke
14 June at 19:36 · Mississauga ·
“Neighborhood Eid party tomorrow. Awesome and YUM!”

Asim Hussain Wow never heard of that before (neighbourhood Eid party). Ramadan is done. Gonna miss it. 😥

Sandra Clarke I’m just going with my personal experience of being invited to an Eid party. I’m always so happy to be included.

Yvonne Linnie Cleyn excuse my ignorance but what is Eid ?

Asim Hussain Great question. Eid is like Christmas for Muslims. It’s a festive holiday after Ramadan. There’s also another Eid which commemorates the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham.

Yvonne Linnie Cleyn Thank you for informing me I have never heard of it. If you are celebrating Eid enjoy 💞🌏

Sandra Clarke And the food and company is wonderful.

Yvonne Linnie Cleyn I bet it is, enjoy your celebrations with your neighbours

Sandra Clarke I think of Eid more like Easter for Catholics. Easter is the end of Lent. Eid is the end of Ramadan. Both Ramadan and Lent have the similarity of giving.

Yvonne Linnie Cleyn thanks Sam i havent heard of this I was aware of the celebration but have never heard it call Eid

Sandra Clarke Voluteers at Emily’s elementary school used to have an incredible Eid lunch in the gym. All the teachers were invited and the children who celebrated Eid invited a couple of friends. Emily, Evan, and I were invited. It was awesome. We felt so welcomed and honoured. We learned so much from our Muslim friends and neighbours. We feel blessed to live in this neighbourhood.

Asim Hussain Wow Sandra Clarke refreshing words 🙂