I really want to learn Arabic

1. I really want to learn Arabic man.
2. You can.
1. Even at this age?
2. Oh yeah, but you want to learn Fusha…the academic Arabic.
1. Man, just want to get rich, and learn the language. [Laugh] I want to do it full time, not part time.
2. Well you can learn it both ways, but yeah, doing it full time is the best.
1. What’s the best way to learn it?  Can you learn it here or do you have to immerse yourself in the Middle East somewhere?
2. Honestly, Fusha is the way so you can even learn it here, because people don’t speak Arabic Arabic there, its all dialects mixed with other languages.
1. Oh right.  And it’s cheap to learn?
2. Well that depends, but where I’m at at Al-Azhar, its basically free education.
1. Free?
2. Yeah, like state-sponsored but it’s just living expenses.  If you do it online, there’s so many options too. And the best way I’ve learned it is naturally, like not a one-to-one translation, but they just speak it and show associations. Like they’ll actually show an apple and say tafaha.  
1. Oh.
2. Yeah it’ a technique where you aren’t translating everything in your head.  Another thing is to watch cartoons.
1. No way.
2. Yeah cartoons use pure language believe it or not.  So you can study Arabic a bit with your teacher, watch cartoons for like an hour and just build from there.  Soon you can eventually read religious books on Arabic on your own and study.
1. Well it’s a dream, to learn it inshallah! [smile]
2. Do it man. [smile]