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My grandparents and Partition

My father and mother both come from Pakistan. My father did not have to migrate (based in Lyallpur) but my mother's family did. My maternal grandparents are Kashmiris and lived in Amritsar. During the Read more [...]...
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White white and black black

1. You're from Afghanistan right? 2. No Palestine. 1. Oh yeah sorry, that's right. 2. Yeah. 1. Even I get that sometime. 2. Mmm, yeah. I can kinda see that. 1. But you guys go from light to dark. 2. Yeah Read more [...]...
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Zionist injustice

1. Oh brother, you read this? Astagfirallah. 2. Yeah....so where you from? 1. Palestine. 2. Really? 1. Really. 2. What part? 1. Inside Israel. 2. Oh. 1. Yes but I was brought up in Jordon. 2. Oh I see...how Read more [...]...
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