You actually pronounced my name right

“Is Asim there?”
 “Wow you actually pronounced my name right.”
“I went to school with a guy called Asim, so I know.”
 “It’s still shocking.”
“Why what do people usually call you?”
 “Well awesome if I’m lucky. No but everything, Aseem, A-sim, A-saam. It’s like European people as well, some of them get their name butchered.”
“That sucks but I know. My fiance is Greek and he get’s his name destroyed all the time.”
 “What background are you?”
“I’m Italian.”
 “Cool, yeah it’s like they never get it right. Like Yasmeen, have you heard of it?”
“Yeah I have.”
 “Yeah it’s Yas-meen, not Yaz-meen, there ain’t no ‘z’…like Mus-lim, it ain’t Muz-lim…where did the z come from? With that logic, they should call me A-zim”
“Yeah totally.”
“Logic’s messed up!”