You want to kill all the white people!

[Approaching a department store. I hear this guy screaming at the top of his lungs. Initially, I wasn’t sure what it was. As I approached, it was a man screaming and quite disturbed.]

1: You want to kill all the white people? Huh!
[2, a store employee, approaches 1]
2: Shut up. Get the #$#@% out of here.
1: You’re from Africa. You want to kill all of us. So common. Kill me! (hands outstretched).
2: Listen! I told you. Get lost!
1: Everyone, look at this. This guy wants to kill white people!
I could have hung around to watch this drama, but honestly, when you see idiots like this, what can you really say? I swear some of these guys need a good ol’ fashion hiding to know how to behave. They think they can make noise and just own everyone else. I just kept walking. Hell, I’m on a schedule that I’m not even on LOL. Just a trying to get my ducks in a row.

Coincidentally, I come over to the Garden section and I see the same fellow from “Africa.”
3: Oh hi. I’m looking for the right wire. I think it’s 0.065.
2: You sure you got the right size?
3: I remember it was orange.
2: This is the orange one (he points to it.) It’s 0.095. You must be getting your numbers mixed up. This one (0.065) is too thin.
3: Yeah, yeah. Okay. That’s what I was thinking. I guess it is 0.095. Oh what happened out there?
2: Oh. That guy was drunk.
3: Is it worth fighting him?
2: Nah. He started up in the store, then came outside.
3: Oh really. In the store too? Wow.
2: And he’s riding a bike. Drunk!
3: Serious? That’ll get him killed.
2: Ya know!
I notice his name tag: Fuad.
3: You from Somalia?
2: Yeah. Funny thing is he knew.
3: What an idiot. If you behave like that in Somalia, you’re gonna get yourself killed.
2: Real fast!
We both laugh.