People think you’re Christian?

1. Where you from?
2. Hamilton. You?
1. Here. But what’s your background?
2. Kurdish.
1. Oh. People think you’re Christian when you’re walking around? White girl!
2. Yeah, totally. I was walking by the booth back there and this guy hands me a flyer, and I’m like no, I’m Muzlim.
1. “Muzlim” hmmm, you didn’t even say it right. [laugh] It’s Muslim.
2. Muzlim….hmmm
1. Maybe you’re a spy.
1. So do you know all the prayers?
2. Yeah, I can recite them.
1. Like Alhumdolillah hi rabil aalameen…
2. Yeah, I just can’t read.
1. Arabic?
2. Yeah.