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Asim’s vs. Mohammad’s

Asim: Hey bro. Long time. Ariz: Hello Asim: Ariz? Ariz: Yes Asim: That's super emotional lol. Ariz: Wht is Ariz: Who this? Asim: Asim Ariz: Which one? I know quite a few Asim: The only one haha Ariz: Read more [...]...
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You actually pronounced my name right

"Is Asim there?"  "Wow you actually pronounced my name right." "I went to school with a guy called Asim, so I know."  "It's still shocking." "Why what do people usually call you?"  "Well Read more [...]...
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"Awesome, and there's your straw"  "That's my name." "What?" "That's my name, Awesome...Asim" "A-ah-sim?" "Wow. You said it just like in Arabic. Are you Arabic?" "No man, that's the first and last Read more [...]...
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