Triple G, Dagestan, Donald Trump, Refugees

1. I’m Russian from Kazakhstan.
2. Oh really? Kazakhstan eh. Are you Muslim?
1. No, Christian.
2. Oh. But that’s a Muslim country.
1. Yeah over half are.
2. Triple G!
1. Oh you know about him?
2. Yeah man, I thought he was Muslim first.
1. No man, he’s Christian.
2. But there are fighters from Dagestan in the UFC that are Muslim.
1. Yeah that’s right. Khabib Nurmagomedov.
2. Yeah…
1. So where are you from?
2. Pakistan.
1. Karachi?
2. How do you know Karachi?
1. Listen, we aren’t some white honky guys here.
2. [laugh]
1. We’re educated, common.
2. Nice.
1. So you know about Dagestan?
2. Yeah they’re all Muslim there. I did some research, I was surprised that there are so many Muslims in Russia.
1. In the Caucasus area.
2. Yeah in Caucasus’s. These are people who lived there for centuries, they didn’t just come there. They’re indigenous to the area.
1. Yeah Russia has a lot of Muslims.
2. And so many languages from the Caucasus’s used to be written in Arabic: Lak, Avar, Lezgi, Chechen, Ingush, there are so many more languages I was stunned.
1. Ingushita yes I am aware of those people too.
2. I also used to work with a guy from Kazan.
1. Oh yeah.
2. Yeah the Tatars are in that area.
1. Yeah yeah. And there’s the Chechens.
2. You know about them eh?
1. Of course.
2. They were also there too, for such a long time, but Russia took them.
1. Man trust me, those guys [shaking head]
2. What?
1. Those guys just don’t give a ****
2. Yeah?
1. Oh! They ain’t scared of no body.
2. Serious?
1. Oh yeah…I knew some…
2. There’s two sides to the story. The Russians make them look bad.
1. There’s peace there now, things are getting better.
2. So how do you feel when you hear Russians looking badly on the news, just like the Muslims.
1. I don’t care man. I’m Russian to the core.
2. For real.
1. Hell yeah, they can’t shake me.
2. They’re saying how Putin hacked the elections.
1. I don’t care what they say. Russia is a power and they don’t like it…but I have to say.
2. What?
1. Donald Trump is right about the refugees. I know you’re Muslim but people from Syria and Palestine should be vetted.
2. Based on a whole religion?
1. I know it’s wrong but they have to do it because they don’t know who’s coming into the country.
2. They did that to the Jews. Was that right?
1. I still have to agree.
2. So what does a woman who lost her husband or child got to do with it? They’re fleeing the country.
1. Look man it sucks, but I got to go. All the best.

[It’s funny how when it’s “the other”, it’s okay to throw away a whole civilization. If it was Russian’s being vetted, he wouldn’t have liked that. Shameful times…]