1. Yo bro, how do you say work in Arabic?
2. Amal
1. Amal? or A’mal?
2. A’mal is plural.
1. Oh like A’mal, like your deeds? So it works for that too?
2. Yeah, multiple meanings…but the same kinda thing. So the singular is Amal. Like there’s Amal a’dunya and akhira
1. fi dunya hasana wa ke na athab anar
2. You got it bro.
1. I wanna learn Arabic bro.
[2 looks around.]
2. From these losers? [cocks his head to towards some Arabic speaking dudes] [laugh]
1. Yeah they’ll teach me how to pick up some shar***as.
2. Why do you want to learn Arabic bro? Live your life. You got enough problems.
1. To understand the Qur’an a bit.
2. You know everyone speaks Arabic differently. It’s localized. No one speaks Fus’ha.