Juma Khutbah – Recognizing Allah (God)?

[written as fast as possible during the khutbah]

The innate conviction of worshiping Allah.
student: why should I pray? Don’t have emotions. 
Everyone is born clean as a Muslim but parents and society play a role in moulding child.

How do you recognize Allah?

1. Look around you. Recognizing intelligent design. 
2. Recognizing magnificence.  If you utilize your fitra, your intellect and just observe the universe and all that is in, and let go of your ego, you realize there is not only a creator, but a magnificent creator.

The whole universe was created by just “qun” be and what it was.

Also more context with the first verse in the Qur’an: iqra: Surah 96

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.
1. Read/Recite: In the Name of your Lord who created.
2. Created man from a clot.
3. Read: And your Lord is the Most Generous.
4. He who taught by the pen.
5. Taught man what he never knew.
6. In fact, man oversteps all bounds.
7. When he considers himself exempt.
8. But to your Lord is the return.

So look around and:
1. Recognizing designer
2. Recognizing The magnificence
3. Recognizing The most generous
4. Love and appreciation for Allah

Sarah Fatiha: everything is inscribed in this basic one surah

Your mother
And your mother
And your mother
And then Your father
Connection to the womb, your mother

Allah created mercy in 100 pieces.  He gave one to humanity and kept 99 for himself.

Love and greatfulness leads to 
Submission (in general like for a celebrity but imagine if you love God)