You’re a terrorist

1. So I was in front of this guys house. We weren’t doing anything to his house or anything, we were just there because the street sign was in front of his house and we were snapping a picture.
2. And?
1. And this guy looks at us, and starts talking to us, and then he says, “You look like a terrorist.”
2. Oh God, are you serious?
1. Yeah, he was trying to be funny. Stupid thing was this guy was from the Middle East.
2. Oh really?
1. Yeah but he was lighter skinned, so you woulda thought he was some white dude.
2. I would have ripped that guy.
1. He was older and I was thinking, how do I even respond to this guy. I was like screw it, let it go.
2. Nah I would have said something.
1. You would think that after living all these years…he hasn’t learned a thing.
2. Damn right, he hasn’t learned nothing.
1. I was like whatever, the guy I was with said sir, you got a beard too. And then he said, yes but not like this guys. I just walked away.
2. You shoulda said you look pretty handsome too.
1. I didn’t shave for a long time.
2. So? Never allow yourself to fall into some idiot’s frame.