Illuminati developed the Corona Virus

1: Are you Indian?
2: No. Sri Lanka.
1: Oh. Sinhalese or Tamil?
2: Tamil, Tamil. You Arab?
1: Pakistan.
2: Oh.
1: See what they’re doing in India?
2: Yes.
1: Violence everywhere. You guys got killed a lot too.
2: In Sri Lanka?
1: Yeah. The Tamils.
2: Both sides.
1: Both sides? The Tamils got killed way more.
2: Buddy, this is a game. Try to understand. Both sides had damages. Arms were being supplied to both groups, some people made a lot of money. It’s a money game. [hand making gesture of counting money.]
1: Yeah but we’re minorities.
2: Depends. You’re right, Tamils are 10%, 15% in Sri Lanka. Actually, the Tamils and Pakistan are close. They both don’t like India. But in Bihar for example, there are more Muslims. (later I checked and 80% of Bihar is Hindus, 18% Muslim) and they are attacking the Hindus, so it’s a give and take.
1: It’s supposed to be a secular country. That’s pretty sick.
2: Look I’m a neutral guy. I don’t support any country, but that guy is a Hindu extremist.
1: Modi?
2: Yes. It’s not good for the country.
1: Shameful. Where’s the equivalent Muslim RSS?
2: Ahan.
1: Seriously. Where’s the Muslim hate group that’s killing Hindus?
2: This back and forth is nothing new. It’s been going on for centuries. And the Muslims have been in India for some centuries.
1: Yet they’re second class citizens.
2: No man, they are well taken care of.
1: No they’re not.
2: Man there’s like 300 million Muslims in India. They just killed 50. They aren’t going anywhere. You know the Illuminati?
1: Who?
2: The Illuminati?
1: Uhm. [Laugh. Thinking to myself – you can’t be serious?] I think I’ve heard about them, yeah.
2: They are the one’s behind everything.
1: What do you mean?
2: You can’t get to these people. They believe in Satanism. They control the world. This is just a facade.
1: Who controls the world?
2: The Illuminati.
1: Who’s the Illuminati?
2: World leaders, prominent ones. See what they are doing in Yemen? You think those Saudi’s are Muslims? They work for the Illuminati.
1: Well then it’s pretty clear they don’t like Muslims.
2: No. Not at all. Look what they did in Syria?
1: They got flattened.
2: Exactly. Look at Gaddafi. Palestine. Kashmir. I know man, trust me, you’re a good man. You want the best for your people, but I’m just saying, this is a game. Even Hitler, he came from King George V.
1: So they’re all white?
2: All of them. Not all the police and lower officers, Kings, etc. But as you go up, they are all white. Look at Diana. They killed her.
1: Because she was going to marry a Muslim?
2: Exactly.
1: So she was going to die?
2: Of course. They can’t let anyone else into the bloodline.
1: But what about Megan Markle?
2: They’re out of the Royal family.
1: But he’s still a Prince.
2: He was born a Prince, but he has no more power. He payed everything back.
1: And Imran Khan?
2: Not sure about him. But Nawaz Sharif, big time Illuminati. Look what they did to General Zia. They blew him up along with other CIA agents and people.
1: Not Putin.
2: Hard to say. But very possible.
1: So did you see the violence in Sri Lanka?
2: I was lucky, I studied outside in Russia. So I missed it. But they killed my entire family.
1: So you went back?
2: Yeah I went back and saw everything. My whole family died. They killed my father.
1: Wow. How can you forgive those people?
2: You just have to accept it.
1: Accept it? Nah. How could you?
2: Don’t think about sides. Think about money. It’s just different groups fighting and getting money. See the Corona virus? That was made 50 years ago.
1: [laugh]
2: I’m serious. It was made by the Nazis.
1: Common man.
2: It was made by the Illuminati and now thrown onto those people over there.
1: Why?
2: To control resources.
1: Mmhmm.
2: Anyways, pay attention to what I am saying. The next time we meet, I will tell you more. This is enough for now. Think about it. Don’t be emotional. Think wider. Try and see what’s happening. Right?
1: Yeah.
2: There is no justice in this world…