God is love

1: I wanted to asked you about God is Love in the Bible. Some guy I met told me that no where in the Qur’an and Islam does it say that God is Love. I mean what does God is Love even mean?
2: That’s a good question. First of all, ask him, where does it say God is Love in the Bible? Where does it explicitly say that?
1: Yeah.
2: It doesn’t.
1: But I told him that if God is All Merciful and All Forgiving, two attributes from Allah’s 99 names, what does that mean then? I mean think of it, if a King says he is all merciful, it mean that King is full of love, isn’t he? He wants you to succeed! The guy couldn’t get that.
2: They won’t.
1: And I found out about Al-Wadud. Allah is All Loving! Boom! So there you go.
2: Yes that is one of Allah’s 99 names.
1: So Does Al-Wadud mean All Loving?
2. Yes, it’s like an all encompassing type of love.