The wrong question is asked in America

Q from a facebook user: Not allowed to take a knee on a football field, and people still didn’t listen. Hundreds of years of injustice. Can someone please tell me, if not now, when is it ok to riot? Should we wait until another innocent person dies? What’s it gonna take to make change?

“Should we wait until another innocent person dies?” Good question. That’s what POC have been wondering about for centuries. Centuries! Your question is part of the problem see, not the solution…here’s why:

Do you have a personal history of being oppressed because of your colour? Religion? Have your people been colonized and made into slaves?? This has been going on for centuries where innocent POC have died because they are simply not viewed as equal. Your question indicates you are clueless about the depths of oppression and rather should be trying to realize systemic discrimination by asking about the causes, what it means, and how to manage it. Your question is dangerous; and even though you might think you mean well, do you really understand even a little bit, this context of oppression? What gives you the right to just say people are oppressed for centuries so easily? Do you really actually understand their histories and how they feel?

The riots you see are just symptoms of a rotted system of injustice. Will you go deeper? White people will never realize what discrimination feels like for POC but it’s critical to create systems that continually reflect equity.

And that starts with asking the right questions Facebook User. Turn your question around where the oppressor is being questioned first. How about this one to start: How could there ever be riots as severe as we have seen in recent days in a country as progressive as America?? Don’t like it? Dismantle racism.