Hamam, the Islamic sauna

1. It’s nice and hot in here.
2. Yeah.
1. One trick is if they shut off the sauna, you just stand up cuz heat rises.
3. True.
2. But I don’t think it is safe to be in here too long, you can go impotent and get sick.
1. No man. That’s a joke. Common, you guys are speaking Arabic…you know about Hamam’s then. Those people before were like smarter than us. They used it all the time. You know like the Ottomans.

I actually looked it up and there is a concept known as Islamic Hamam.

The difference between the Islamic hammam and the Victorian Turkish bath is the air. The hot air in the Victorian Turkish bath is dry; in the Islamic hammam the air is often steamy. Reference: Turkish bath Hmmm, air is often steamy? That’s what a steam sauna is! Lo and behold, the Islamic influence in a relaxing way!