Juma – Being a good neighbour

Signs of iman: 

Good host 
Good neighbour, show excellence e.g. help so well, do your best
Be aware of the needs of your Neighbour 
The Prophet (Muhammad PBUH) greeted all in his neighbours
Be aware of his needs.
Visit them when sick.
Be good representatives of Islam. People watch each other.
Be a good citizen.

There’s an example of a “pious” lady but she was awful to her neighbours. She would say awful things to them. If you have inconvenienced your neighbour, how good can you be? (within reason, the moral is the point, of course, there may be conflict at times but hopefully it can be resolved). The lady was destined for the fire. 

When you go to hajj, one thing is to ask for is forgiveness from all the people you have harmed.

A story of Abu Hanifa: a youngster would play loud music where he lived all night. One night, he didn’t. He found out that the youth was implicated for a crime. Abu Hanifa bailed him out. He asked: have I been a bad neighbour? Youth: No. You have been a good neighbour. These actions of Abu Hanifa changed the youth’s life. The youth spent all night in tahjat and came the next day and said to Abu Hanifa: I want to learn from you.

We make dua for peace and prosperity for one and all.