1. So what’s your background?
2. Greek. You?
1. Pakistani.
2. My friends are Pakistani. The guys I work out with. One of them is a beast. He’s Greek and Pakistani.
1. Are you serious?
2. Yeah.
1. Greek and Pakistani?
2. [Laugh] Yeah. His last name is Uddin. Ever heard of that?
1. Yeah it probably comes from Dīn. Dīn is an Arabic word for faith, religion.
2. Oh I didn’t know that.
1. It’s interesting how like people come together. How’d you find him? [Laugh]
2. I don’t know man, just in the gym!
1. Does he look Greek or Pakistani?
2. He actually looks Greek and Pakistani. [smile]
1. Is he Muslim?
2. [Thinking] Yeah, yeah he’s Mu”z”lim.
1. Did he fast during Ramadan?
2. [Smile] Actually I’m not sure…I don’t think he would fast…but yeah…not sure. His father is Pakistani, he probably fasted. I know his uncle would. I’ve worked out with him a few times.

Dīn (دين, also anglicized as Deen) is an Arabic word which is commonly associated with Islam, but it is also used in Arab Christian worship.