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What do you want for Christmas?

[Snowing. Shoveling snow.]Neighbour1: You're always shoveling my driveway.Neighbour2: That's okay. It's all good.Neighbour1: I want to do something for you. What do you want for Christmas?Neighbour2: Read more [...]...
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My neighbour is Chinese but I still shovel her snow

A thought came to me as I was shovelling my neighbour's driveway today. She's an elderly Chinese woman. If one was to see us from afar, it would look like we're having a normal conversation, she speaking Read more [...]...
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Juma – Being a good neighbour

Signs of iman: Good host Good neighbour, show excellence e.g. help so well, do your bestBe aware of the needs of your Neighbour The Prophet (Muhammad PBUH) greeted all in his neighboursBe Read more [...]...
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