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Juma – Where do you think you are going?

Jesus is on a journey with his disciples. When they get to a resting point, he gives money to one of his disciples for food. The disciple goes off and seeks and finds a market. While there, he realizes Read more [...]...
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Juma – Being a good neighbour

Signs of iman: Good host Good neighbour, show excellence e.g. help so well, do your bestBe aware of the needs of your Neighbour The Prophet (Muhammad PBUH) greeted all in his neighboursBe Read more [...]...
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Gabbar Singh

[At a gas station late at night] 1. Ahmed Sahib 2. Yes. 1. How are you? 2. Good. 1. Are things up or are things down? [smile] 2. It's goin' 1. Oh yeah? Shouldn't it be going up and up? [smile] 2. Should Read more [...]...
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