I love Java.

Java changed my life. Back when I was working in New York City, a colleague of mines told me one day at lunch, “You know, Java is the next big thing. You should get into it.”

I bought my first Java book from the bookstore at the World Trade Centre (I believe it was Barnes and Nobles). I did a bit of Java in university but I was working a C++ job. I started working with Java in my next role. During the interview, they asked me if I had worked with Java before, and I said no. I was hopeful they would overlook that fact and take my brief experience and my degree into account. I even told them I was studying Java in detail on my own. Lo and behold, they gave me that chance.

I’ve never looked back. It’s been an amazing ride working in many different business domains. It even allowed me to develop some of my own ideas! Perhaps I can even retire with this skill 🙂