Hennessy with the Somalian brothers

[At the party]
See that group there?
[I look across the room at a number of people around a couch arrangement, where they would serve bottle service]
They bought 10 bottles of Hennessy.
  Oh yeah?
  How much does each bottle cost?
  Are you serious?
  Who are they?
  But they’re Muslims.
So what. This is Toronto. Anything goes.
  That’s $5000.
  Where do they get that kind of money from??
Some of these guys parents are rich, or they do their own thing…
[During the course of the night, I saw the young Somali guys holding bottles of Hennessy, partying, interacting with each other and some were making it known that they were holding a bottle of Hennessy like a status symbol. Not that I was in any better of a position per se, but I just couldn’t help feeling bad for these young guys. They had so much potential. Holding that bottle of Hennessy looked like a complete divorce from their cultural roots and possibly faith. Again not that I am any better but being young is a powerful feeling. And when you’re young and influenced in certain “negative” ways, it can lead to other things. I know that some Somali youth have dropped out which is a real dilemma for parents and educators. Some have also got involved with gangs and drugs. To me, that scene was gangster, or wanabe-gangster, the way they were drinking, fighting and interacting. Whatever but I made a silent prayer. Oh Allah please guide these young people and make them the best of people for our society.]