Khan vs. Canelo

1. Ready for the fight?
2. Oh, May 7th?
1. Yeah man!
2. Yeah. It’ll be interesting. I wish he wins. [smile]
1. You really like Khan don’t you?
2. Well he’s good, it’s just that he can’t take a punch.
1. [laugh] Common man, if another grown man hit you…
2. It’s not that, other fighters can take a punch.
1. Yeah but he just get’s excited and get’s caught. But I think you also like him cuz he’s Muslim. [grin]
2. Well yeah, anytime there’s a Muslim fighting, you want them to win.
1. There’s not too many Muslim boxers though.
2. Well there’s Saddam Ali. He got beat pretty bad…but back in the 80’s there were some tough Muslim boxers.
1. Yeah?
2. Like Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Mathew Saad Muhmmad.
1. Hmmm, nice. What about that guy….Hopkins.
2. That guy never admits he’s Muslim [laugh]
1. Anyway, I hope Khan wins!