A letter to Jacob Geroge – Thank you

Dear Jacob George,

What a wonderful human being you were. I met you virtually and was struck by the conviction in your voice. I was instantly drawn to your method of oration and easy way to tell your story.

You made me cry after I heard your song, Soldiers Heart. It was your conviction and your truth, that made me think about myself and what I want to accomplish in my life. I saw your principles so certain, and your quest to be free, it was obvious this is how the best live.

I feel sorrow that you took your life. Perhaps what you felt inside was so great, that it needed other answers you thought you were not getting. Still, I wish you never had take your own life. You are a hero. You decided to face yourself. You decided to write your wrongs.

I am a Muslim but I am your brother. I commend you for giving a voice to the voiceless, the helpless and the needy from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the list goes on. This voice is needed because it’s a story not told. Rather, it’s a story to be told. Often times, we do not know of “the other” and are misguided into actions that are not the best for us. Here on the this side, the Western side, we must examine our actions and more importantly, the repercussions they cause on entire societies there.

Jacob George, you were a revolutionary soul. A man of inspiration. I hope your life can be a guiding light to those who suffer from moral injuries, a concept that perfectly describes how many of us feel in our own ways. Thank you for even introducing this concept to many who needed terminology for it. God willing, there can be ways to make things better for the rest of us and the System we live in.

There is a poem I wrote and I wish this entire note and the poem can be shared at your memorial. Please let me know if it is:

Wounded Soldier – studentasim

Clear my throat
This is heavy
Cuz I walk around
like I’m 50 50
Half right
Half wrong
Half fight
Half flight
I’m a Wounded Soldier
The apologetic attitude
Seeps in everywhere
My name
My speech
My game
Nothings changed
Everything I do
Is checked
Central Command doesn’t like Me to get out of the Jungle
Oh they know who I am
I’m on the list
But I’m a small time deal
Nothing too much to worry about
Because they know
I’m a Wounded Soldier
Until one day
When I decided I wasn’t going to be Wounded no more
That day
Was that day I decided to remember and embrace my decision
It wasn’t for better or worse
It just was
It was the day I decided not to Apologize
That day
How can I forget?
That error
That error
But NO
Where have I bin?
I know where I’m going
In the name of God
I will tell the tale
I lived through it
Wounded Soldier…