1. Oh you’re from Uganda. So you’re quite far from Egypt!
2. Yes, but still in Africa. And you? Where are you from?
1. Paksitan.
2. Oh I was going to say Egypt as well.
1. So you’re Ismaili.
[2 looked up.] How did you know?
1. Just got a magical power. [smile] Are there still any Ismaili’s left in Uganda?
2. No not really, after Idi Amin ran us out, nah. A lot are in Canada.
1. Right. So what’s your name?
2. Talib.
1. You know what that mean’s right?
2. Yeah.
1. Student!
2. And you? What does your name mean?
1. It means protector but not sure how good of a job I can do.
2. Inshallah.
1. There you go! Now that’s the best answer.