Anta sahi (You’re right)

[1983. Saudi Arabia. Dad comes home from work one day.]
Dad: I want to tell you a joke. [smile]
Kid: ok!
Dad bursts out in pockets of laughter as he tells the joke.
Dad: There was a new guy that came from Pakistan. And he didn’t know Arabic.
Kid: Kind of like us!
Dad: Yeah. So he met a Saudi one day who sympathized with him because he didn’t know Arabic. He told him, no matter what they say, make them happy, just say Anta sahi (you’re right), and they’ll be on your good side. So the man started going around and when a Saudi would talk to him, he’d say Anta sahi, you’re right!
Kid: [laugh]
Dad: Then one day, a Saudi got mad at the man for doing something. So the Saudi said Anta hamar, which means you’re a donkey. And the man replied: Anta sahi! You’re right!
[Everyone laughs]