1. I will give you 3 guesses.
2. Romania?
1. No.
2. Slovakia?
1. Yes 25% of my blood line is that, Czechoslovakia. But you won’t get the rest. We are a people that when I looked it up when I came here, said of an unknown origin.
2. Catalan?
1. Oh you know that? Well no. But in the vicinity. We have paintings from ancient times. It’s a very old language.
[shrug] 2. Tell me.
1. Basque. There was the French King and he told the Basque people of France to fight against the Spanish and the Basque people there. We said no way.
[The conversation went into exploring language]
1. You know I like the Arabic and Indian, Pakistani cultures. The people are very respectful and they seem natural.
2. Yeah. Talking about that, you know in Urdu they say Kameez for shirt.
1. Ah yes. Kameesa.
2. Yeah there have been a whole lot of words that come from the Arabic culture. They even used to write Spanish and Portuguese in Arabic.
1. Well they used to call them Espana Moro
2. Oh, the Muslim Moors.