Hazara in the gym

Guy A passes by Guy B who’s at the gym working out at the Rear Delt Machine.
A: Hi there.
B realizes A is speaking to him and removes his ear phones.
B: Hi.
A: Were you speaking in Farsi?
B: Oh you know? Yeah kinda. It was Dari.
A: Oh, you’re from Afghanistan?
B: Yeah, yeah. You know?
A: Yeah, it was just odd. An Asian looking guy and a darker guy speaking the same language!
B laughs.
B: Yeah, I know, it looks strange. Are you Persian?
A: No Pakistani.
B: Oh.
A: Are you Hazara?
B smiles. “Yeah. How you know?”
A: The Kite Runner!
B smiles.
A: Nah, I knew about Hazaras from before. But in Afghanistan, you’re discriminated against right?
B: I wouldn’t necessarily say that.
A: But there’s that bit of a social hierarchy. Hazaras aren’t considered to be at the top end.
B: Yeah I suppose.
A: But here, I don’t think people would know where you’re from.
B: Nah, they think I’m like Filipino, or Asian, or something.
A: Yo, go undercover!
B: For real. The minute I mention Sayeed, they’re like wait a minute.
A and B both laugh.
A: Yo, just say you’re from Mindanao.
B: Mindanao?
A: Yeah, it’s an island in the Philippines. People think Christianity came to the Philippines first, nah, it was Islam, and straight in Mindanao. They had a Sultanate set up in 1400.
B: Yeah?
A: Oh yeah. Islam has been in the Philippines since then, for centuries!
B: Cool.
A: So next time they wonder where you’re from, say Mindanao.
A and B laugh.
B: Mindanao eh?
A: Yeah, Mindanao. They’ll know who you are!
B: Sweet. Alright bro, it was good meeting you. I got to get back to this workout.
A and B both fist bump.