Eid or Christmas?

[Walking with the herd and making some chit chat…]
1. Oh I came here from Pakistan when I was a teenager.
2. Oh yeah. Cool.
1. So do you speak Urdu?
2. Yeah I was born here but learned the language.
1. It’s good to stay connected.
2. Yeah it opens up a lot of doors.
1. Do you go back a lot?
2. Yeah I’ve bin back quite a few times.
1. Well it feels good to meet your relatives.
2. Yeah I never had any relatives here.
1. Oh no?
2. Yeah, all back home.
1. Well it’s good, especially around Eid. Actually Eid was my first day here.
2. Oh really. Well that’s the thing. Here it’s like another regular day.
1. Yeah. Well at least we have Christmas to look forward to.
[We both laughed]