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Palawan Philippines

1: I can tell the difference between Pakistanis and Indians.2: You can? Noooo. How?1: Like the Indians are a bit darker and they wear a string around their wrist.2: No man. It's not like that. You'd think Read more [...]...
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Mindanao discount

[At a mattress store]1: So can we get a Mindanao discount? [smile]2: No, no, I've given you the best I can.1: Common. How about an Asian discount, we're related! [laugh]2:[laugh] Honestly, it's the best Read more [...]...
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Cebu Philippines

1. The recommended version is 5.2 2. Right....Ok...so tell me more about Cebu 1. We have a region 1-12 and Cebu is in region 7 2. And Manilla? 1. That would be region 1, NCR - National Capital Region. 2. Read more [...]...
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