Gabbar Singh

[At a gas station late at night]
1. Ahmed Sahib
2. Yes.
1. How are you?
2. Good.
1. Are things up or are things down? [smile]
2. It’s goin’
1. Oh yeah? Shouldn’t it be going up and up? [smile]
2. Should be a balance.
1. Oh is that so? Okay. So don’t you get scared here? It’s dangerous to work here at night.
[2 points up]
2. Allah takes care of us all, he keeps us safe.
1. So what if someone stabs you, then what?
2. It’s up to him.
1. But then you weren’t safe.
2. It’s up to him. It’s his wish. Not even a leaf moves without his will.
1. Yeah but you still get stabbed, and what if you were dying, what would you think of Allah then?
2. It’s call iman. Are you Muslim?
1. [smile] Alhumdolillah.
2. Then you know what I’m talking about. Jo dhar giya, margiya. (Whoever becomes scared, is already dead).
1. Amjad Khan! [smile]
2. Yes, Gubbar Singh. You can’t be scared, have faith.
1. Right sir. Okay sir. Thank you.
2. Okay.